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12 years ago

LoadComplete 2.6 update released

Greetings all!

We have just released LoadComplete 2.6, which includes some important new functionality as well as bugfixes.

The most important improvement in the release is the ability to structure scenarios to more closely correspond to the browser user experience, which is generally defined by pages. LoadComplete 2.6 supports:

  • Inserting custom page breaks during scenario recording from the recording widget

  • Inserting and deleting page breaks into a recorded scenario

  • Adjusting think time at the page level

  • Scenario sorting by all pages and custom pages

  • Editing page names and adding comments, for better readability of scenarios

These features allow users to define pages in terms that are meaningful to their scenarios, which is particularly relevant for load testing RIA applications (AJAX, Flex, Silverlight), and track performance metrics for the user defined pages in the load testing reports.

We have also introduced the following new functional changes and enhancements:

  • LoadComplete can record HTTPS traffic in Firefox, in addition to previously supported Internet Explorer. 

  • Think time is now aggregated and recorded for pages only. All previous options and dialogs related to think time apply solely to page think times. This is more aligned with common load testing practices and also gives users much fewer points to edit think time data

  • Requests are marked with different icons depending on the type of the resource

  • Support for several authentication protocols has been improved (Kerberos, NTLM, Digest)

For more details, please refer to the LoadComplete 2.6 Release Summary

Existing customers on maintenance can download the update version from the SmartBear Client Services Portal accounts.

To sign up for a free trial, please visit the LoadComplete product page

Please leave us feedback on how you like the new changes in v2.6.

Here is to better performance!

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    This is in reply to S J:

    LoadComplete does support protocol level recording. 

    • Binary SOAP

    • Binary XML

    • JSON

    • SOAP

    • XML

    • AMF

    • HTML

    LoadComplete is designed for web application testing and is not for testing client server applications.

    We do foresee being able to test mobile applications in the future.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions.


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    for load  testing client server Windows applications, we offer a service-based custom package utilizing Testcomplete (our functional test tool) and an automatic test runner ABS that can efficiently scale the load to yield 10+ client users from a single machine. Most available solutions for that scenario are limited to one user per machine.

    For details and pricing, please contact our sales. We have a technical article describing the technical gist that we can send you.

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    Does the tool support protocol-level recording and, if it does, what protocols it support?

    From what I understand Loadcomplete only support load testing browserbased apps correct?

    Do you see loadcomplete supporting load testing of mobile applications?

    We are evaluating perf tools for our organization and would appreciate your feedback.