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9 years ago

Issues loading zip files when scenario is ran

I recorded a scenario that includes uploading a zip file to our site.  There is a file that is uploaded during testing, but I am getting an error (see below).  If I attempt to upload the zip directly without using LoadComplete it uploads without any issues.  The file size is the same. Is there a different way that I need to run this test in loadcomplete?

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    I think that you may do the following:

    a) Consult with developers and ask them what assumptions were made for file upload process;

    b) Compare request(s) and the obtained responses that were recorded and executed during simulation;

    c) Use some third-party tool (e.g. Fiddler) to record the traffic from your application for the file upload process and compare the recorded traffic with what was recorded by LoadComplete.


    Another possible approach is to either post your test project here or send it to Support via the form.