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7 years ago

How do I display the value of dynamic variables in the testlog.

Currently, I am using a workaround to display the value of dynamic variables: I created a validation and the failed validation also displays it's actual value. This works but this is a workaround, also resulting in lots of irrelevant errors because of the failed validations. 


I want the values to be displayed in the log, so without using a validation or something. (in this example I want to display the value name "blobstore_id" , and it's value (yellow marked part).


Is this achievable? If so, how?


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    To audience:


    The short and exact answer to the question been asked is : "No, this is not possible".

    A little bit more extended answer is that this is not possible because not really required for load testing.

    The complete status update is that it appeared that the actual task that caused this question was not actually related to the load testing but to the performance measurement and thus it is better to do it using more appropriate tools like profilers (e.g. AQTime).