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12 years ago

Handling dynamic http requests instead of hardcoded http requests

I'm creating a 50 users load test on a JSF web application which is a healthcare based system.

I record a scenario for one user ( a doctor, in my case) who logs in, adds a few patients to the patients database and schedules appointments for the newly added patients.

After recording the scenario, the recorded test contains http requests and data that particularly belongs to the user which was used for recording.

At the time of running the test for 50 unique virtual users, the recorded test sends http requests and data which was in the recorded scenario. But in our application, the http requests depend upon the data that is present after the user logs in. So how do I handle such situations in LoadComplete when it comes to methods being called depending upon the existence or non-existence of data after logging in?

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    Hi Abhijeet,

    To accomplish the described task, I recommend that you store the data for different users in an Excel or CSV file and then parameterize your requests using this data as it's described in the following help section - "Parameterizing Requests".

    Also, make sure the data correlation is configured as it's described in the "Data Correlation" section so the requests sent from different users are handled correctly.

    I hope this information helps :)