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12 years ago

Enabling/Disabling static content


Is there a way to globally disable the downloading of all static content during a test?  In my recording, there is the main request, and then a whole bunch of requests for things like images, etc.  I want to be able to run some load tests that have all the images downloaded, but also run tests that do not download these things.  So I'm wondering if there is a global flag for this.

Note that I cannot simply delete the images because I want to be able to run some tests that do have the images.



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  • Since no one has answered you yet, here's my best knowledge on this subject. I don't think this can be done as of yet in LoadComplete, although they might add it in a later version.

    If your static content is on a different host than you variable content you might be able to get away with excluding that host during certain test runs and not excluding it during others. (See Tools > Options > Engines > HTTP Load Testing > Exclude Hosts) More likely than not though this is not the case unless you have a very big application.

    What I would do would be to have two different folders in your scenario list. Just record your tests normally than make a copy of that scenario and rename it to TestName_No_Static_Content or whatever you want and just delete the static requests in that scenario. Unfortunately this is sloppy as you have two copies of each scenario, but I don't think you have any built in options other than this.