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9 years ago

Concern About Same Maximum/Minimum/Average Scenario Completion Time

Hi Smartbear Community,


I have a concern about the scenario completion time that LoadComplete 3 is currently generating during our previous performance activities in one website. Our concern is that the maximum, minimum, and average completion times are always the same in each of our 4 test runs. We simulated 10, 20, 30, and 40 virtual users in the said test runs. We've attached a screen capture of the four reports for your reference, as well as our project file.. In our other projects, scenario completion time is not like that.


What could be the possible reason why the scenario completion times are always the same? Is that an issue? If so, how can we resolve it?


Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi ccl122591,


    I agree, this doesn't look right. I tried a quick test in LoadComplete 4 and couldn't replicate this behavior, so it's possible that this was a bug in LoadComplete 3, although it's the first I've heard of it.


    My suggestion is to contact our support group and pose the question to them. They may be able to provide more detailed diagnosis and fix, if applicable.