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8 years ago

Clear Explanation of Scenario Completion Time

Hi! Can somebody please explain to me what Scenario Completion Time really means? In the Glossary, it was stated that  it is "The time interval between the first byte of the first request belonging to the scenario and the current moment of the test run. You can view this metric in the Scenario Completion Time section of the Response Time tabbed page after the test run is over."


What do they mean by "current moment of the test run". I find this vague. Sending my appreciation in advance to whoever will help me with this. Thank you!

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    > I find this vague.

    Hm-m-m... I've spent some time trying to correlate the mentioned description from the help with what I saw in the Scenario Editor and test log and failed to find a clear explanation for myself.


    HKosova: Helen, could you please ask if Support has some better explanation? Maybe with some screenshot?


    CLowe: Christina, may I suggest to consider this question as a candidate for some 201 or 301 training?

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      Hi Alex! I've spent some time looking for answers too. trying to derive its meaning from the summary reports generated by the tool but still I find it confusing. I greatly appreciate your effort! I hope we find its clear definition one of these days. Thank you!