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7 years ago

Can LoadComplete measure client side responsiveness?

Can LoadComplete be used for measuring performance metrics on the client side? I mean performance metrics which include times when images are actually displayed on screen (in the browser). Including (simulated) latency on the network, packetloss, etc, limited bandwiths etc?



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      AlexeyKryuchkov not exactly. I mean how to measure the time it takes to display and display the image on screen (in the browser).

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        Hi Mathijs,


        AlertSite measures client-side load time, including time to first byte, content download time, first paint and other metrics. Here's a full list of metrics:


        Loading process can be visualized as a waterfall chart (similar to the one in browser dev tools).


        You'll need to use monitor type = real-browser (DejaClick) to get results like this.


        Most AlertSite locations use broadband connection, some locations use 3G and 4G.