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10 years ago

Help needed in removing bad codes


In one of the Requests of a Web Service the Header looks like this.













If you look at the 3rd line (highlighted in Bold) there are unnecessary nodes popped up like messageid, timestamp & hostname which have been repeated twice.

When I remove them & execute the Request it works fine i.e. proper Response comes out. I save it & close the request. Again if I open the request these nodes are still coming back resulting in failure of the Test Step. Please help me in getting them removed from the test step as executing the step twice doesnt work for me.

I am using SOAPUI Pro 4.5.1

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    Hi Arup,



    You can try using wildcards to mark these parameters as unnecessary ones. Look at this article to learn how to modify your requests for this.

    However, according to your description, I guess that your request is updated each time you are executing the test for some reason. That’s why removing the parameters may not help. I suggest that you refer your question to the SoapUI Pro forum located here: