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5 years ago

How to convert manual test cases (Classic) into Automation (BDD format)

Hi Guys,

You often ask us about converting manual test cases into Automation. Please see the reply of CucumberStudio Dev lead severine:


When you use Classic Agile “Action/Result”, you often use a imperative style. As you are converting your tests using Gherkin syntax, you should refactor your tests using declarative style. You can find more arguments here:

Hiptest enables the capability to refactor your tests with the “promote” feature i.e.
by converting steps into an action word (

The idea is to select steps that will give a line in Gherkin style and to create an action word.


Once conversion is done, selected steps are replaced by the call to the new action word everywhere you had choose.

You just need to choose the right keyword Given/When/Then (if you want, it is not mandatory for automation)

For example:

By using this method, you should be able to refactor your scenarios step by step.


By the way, I suggest you to configure step editor preferences of your project as “Automation Ready” (in project settings tab)


I hope this helps you.


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