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3 years ago

Dynamically choosing CucumberStudio "Test Run" value when executing via Dev Ops/Command Line?

Overview: (Testing Web-based applications)

- Have TestComplete Project Suite file, which contains a TestComplete Project.

- TestComplete project is bound to a Cucumber Studio project.


Project Properties - Cucumber Studio settings

- TestComplete project configured to write results to Cucumber Studio Project

  "Save BDD test results to Cucumber/Studio" is checked.

  "Test run" menu has a selected value.


Basic Understanding

- You run your test(s), it writes the results back to the bound cucumber studio project, looking for the Test Run specified and the executed tests should exist in that test run.



- We are going to setup execution via a CI/CD implementation.  

  - Will deploy code to specified system

  - Initiate execution via sending command line.

  Note:  We see the command line syntax, how to dynamically pick and choose what you want to run etc...



Is there anyway to dynamically pick the name of the "Test Run" to write too, via command line.  We may have different defined Test Runs that are all actively being used, by different teams or team members within the Cucumber Studio project.  It would be nice to dynamically pick the "Test Run" to write too at runtime (via command line for instance).  Otherwise you have to modify the Test Complete source code - Project Properties value - to change the designated "Test Run" value?  Or everyone has to use one all-encompassing Test Run, for every execution. 


thanks for the help.

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