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5 years ago

What are the new features that will get Updated cucumber from info cukes 1.2.5 to io.cucumber 4.7.2

Hi All , 

I want to know what are the new features that are added in the cucumber version 4.7.2 from cucumber version 1.2.5

currently i am using info.cukes cucumber 1.2.5 and planning to update to io.cucumber 4.7.2(or any latest version) .

Will these things possible in the updated version 

1) Parallel execution with out any third party plugin ( on scenario basis and also while running in a grid )

2) Automatic mail sending with extend report generation

3) Automatic mail after executing scenario

please share me the details of updated features and suggest me that updating is better or not ,will i get any exiting  features or not

Thanks in Advance