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3 years ago

Using NodeJS my .verify assertion on test methods are not showing as failed in cucumber reports

Hello, I'm looking for some help with adjusting my cucumber reports to display a red failure on a test step if it fails on the `.verify` assertion. 

Currently my test scripts are written in NodeJS and are based on the NightWatch framework. The vast majority of my test methods use `.assert` and if a `.assert` test step fails, it will mark it as a failure in the Cucumber report. 

I want to use `.verify` so that some of my steps may fail, but apply a "soft" fail mechanism to them, so that the rest of my scenario can proceed. However, when I attempt to use `.verify` in a method, it is still displaying as a GREEN pass on the cucumber test report. 

Could anyone advise what to look for/change in order to have failed test steps with a `.verify` assertion appear as failures in the cucumber report? 
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