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3 years ago

How to use soft assertion in Cucumber?


I am using Cucumber with Selenide. I have multiple conditions in one scenario and when one of them is being failed then the others are skipped. I need the test to continue after one step fails, so I want to use soft assertion for that.

In Selenide it's not needed to use any assert class, because it has its own construct, conditions are used in Should construct, so you just need to add assertionMode=SOFT to the Selenide configuration.

But since soft assertion only works with Junit4/Junit5/TestNG mechanism, and the Cucumber scenarios are run with their own junit runner, then I get this error:
You must configure you classes using JUnit4/JUnit5/TestNG mechanism as documented in


I am striving hard to find the solution.

I discussed with the Selenide CEO, asked on slack Cucumber Comunity, posted to StackOverflow, but nothing helped.
Would you mind helping to modify this configuration in my framework?

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