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3 years ago

How to read hashtag# in a scenrio when creating and test case

I am trying to compare/read from the database a value in a specific field for a test please se bellow. This is in eclipse and I am using cucumber method


 field                       value  

| RUBRIDTATKST | W0322#Rubrik59=59# |

So when trying to write the value with hashtag  everything that is after the hashtag gets marked out/excluded from the comparison.


Is there any way around this so that I can see if the whole value W0322#Rubrik59=59# is in the database?

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  • Hi,


    I've tried to reproduce your issue without success.


    Could you please give more explanation? A full reproducible example maybe?

    Which version of cucumber are you using?

    Do you have issues with your tests, or with the eclipse plugin?