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GWT - Why we don't have a Why Keyword?



Why don't we have a specific 'Who' Keyword ? I note that the Given is a catch-all, it describes the Who (ROLE) from time to time, other times not.


Scenario Outline: Upload a file

Given that a user is on upload file screen.

When the user clicks on the Browse button.

And user enters <filename> onto upload textbox.

And user clicks on the enter button.

Then verifies that file upload is successful.


What ? What is the purpose of the procedure? SCENARIO

When ?
What triggers this procedure? How often is it performed? What is the time required for it to be performed? Identification of triggers, time constraints for certain activities. Inputs, triggers, time constraints


Why ? Why is this procedure carried out this way? What are the constraints? GIVEN

Who ? Who is concerned ? Who participates? Identification of stakeholders, roles that take part in the execution of the procedure Collaborators, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.




Where ? Where does it take place ? In which department? On which machine? Identification as precise as possible of the place of occurrence, of the resources mobilized Geographical entity, service, workshop, machine, etc.


How ? What resources are needed to perform this procedure? Definition of all the resources that must be made available to the stakeholders to carry out the procedure Resources and tools used, Software / application, documentation, etc.

How many ? What is the associated cost? How many times is this procedure performed each year? Highlighting the financial resources dedicated to this procedure. Identification of potential gains. Resources used, deviation from budget, expected gains

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