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  • Hi Kate, 

    It shouldnt be limited to a trial? 

    What happens when you record and playback. 

    Is the browser expanded? 




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      Hi Vincent,

      Thanks for your reply.

      My  cross browser testing trial version will expire after 7 days.

      I do the same steps as the following video:


      But I can’t see the function as the attached file: tempsnip

      And on the website, I see the statement: (Please refer the attached file: tempsnip2)

      Your Trial is Limited. Unlock Now For: Unlimited Manual Testing | 2050+ Desktop Browsers | Full Access to Real Android & IOS

      You have 99.7 automated minutes and 56.1 manual minutes remaining on your 7-day free trial. Select a plan.


      Is it a reason that I can’t see the function? I am not sure.


      Thanks in advance.