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13 years ago

SmartBear Launches PeerReview Complete

SmartBear PeerReview Complete Reduces Review Times for
Hardware and Software Engineers

We are excited to add our new peer review tool and make it available to a much wider
audience. It isn’t just for code anymore!

With PeerReview Complete, enterprise users can bridge the
gap between software and hardware engineering teams. We’ve made this a single
solution to effectively conduct reviews of all artifacts during an entire
product development lifecycle. Now when the hardware team makes a design change
during a review the software team can use the same tool to kickoff a review to
identify the potential impact of the hardware change.

PeerReview Complete provides a quick and easy solution for
teams to find and track issues during reviews, on their own schedule, so they
can meet deadlines and reach product quality goals.

With PeerReview Complete, hardware and software teams can:

  • Use one tool to share, review, and annotate
    design documents, validation plans, 2-D drawings, schematics, VHDL code, and
    software source code

  • Improve team productivity with flexible review
    options such as live meeting reviews and asynchronous reviews for teams spread
    across time zones

  • Keep track of approval milestones and mentoring

  • Improve compliance reporting with review audit

PeerReview Complete is a new “sister” product to SmartBear’s
CodeCollaborator. If you already use CodeCollaborator, you have access to the same capabilities listed above.

If you want to learn more…


Good luck with your reviews,

Bill B.

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