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7 years ago

Reviews Depending on Other Reviews

I tried searching through the history to see if this has been asked already, but I couldn't find anything.  Is there a way to set a review as dependent on another review?

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    Hi ccthompson,


    Could you please share more details? What exactly do you mean by "dependent on another review"? What kind of dependent are you looking for?


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      Let's say there are 3 reviews posted at the same time for 3 different repositories.  Review A is for a base library and Reviews B and C are for plugins that build off that base library.  In Review A we add a new function, and in Reviews B and C we use that function.  Without looking at Review A first, anyone who reviews B or C first will not know about that function.


      So we'd like some way to denote that anyone reviewing Reviews B and C should look at Review A first.  It doesn't have to be a physical dependence with blocking capabilities, but at least a marker somewhere that says "Dependent on Review #1234 (A)"