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13 years ago

Mailing lists

I just started using CodeCollaborator and was interested in creating a default list of reviewers.  Under Tips & Tricks I read this is currently not possible but there is a workaround by creating a "pool" user with a mailing list for an email address.

It states: "To do so, set up a "pool" user whose email address is a mailing list of all the possible reviewers."  But how do I create this mailing list?  I tried to create a user who's email is a list of email address deliminated by semi-colons or commas but both are rejected as illegal.  What am I missing?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The email address field can only support one email address.  So, you'll have to provide CodeCollaborator with a single email address that will go to a list of people.  You might ask your system administrator to create a mailing list for you that contains email addresses of all the users you would like to be in your review pool.  Then, you can use the mailing list address as the email address for your CodeCollaborator pool user.