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4 years ago

Keyboard automation to accept and move to review the next file.

Most times, when I look at a file in collaborator, especially a short one,  I just want to accept the file, and move to the next file.  Why Accept?

  1. It tells me that I looked at the file, and places a green checkmark in the review.  Useful for long review, and not losing what was reviewed and what not.
  2. It tells the Author that I actually looked at the file – communicating that I felt it was important to look and review it.


Collaborator makes this simple thing VERY CHALLENGING using the keyboard alone, so I have a workaround.  You need to install the Chrome Vimium extension for this to work, and have the aText keystroke recorder/player  The key thing is that PageUp will remove the input focus from the Overall comment edit control, and thus allow Vimium to work.


On my system I record the following keystrokes:

PageUp (The editor has the input focus, this key removes it)

f (this invokes the vimium find - overlaying keystrokes to press in order to achieve a button press

sk (this is the code for the Accept overall displayed in Vimium)

-- at this point there is an exchange with the server, so you have to put in wait.

Ctrl + ] moves you to the next File in the review.


Voila, you activate your macro via keyboard sequence (there's a hotkey to find the last used snipped), and it automatically accepts the file, and moves to the next file.

Friedrich Brunzema

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