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10 years ago

How can admin enable "Create New User" to manually create user accounts when configured with LDAP?

When Collabroator is configured with LDAP authentication, by default, the "Create New User" functions is disabled. So when a user logs in for the first time, a user account is created for them automatically in Collaborator to store their user preferences.

But sometimes, the admin wants to control this process and manually create each user account instead. To enable the "Create New User" function.

1. Stop the Collaborator service (the service name is ccollab-server)

2. Edit <collaborator-install-directory>\tomcat\conf\catalina\localhost\ROOT.xml

Note: I recommend you store a backup of the file before any changes. 

3. Find the following line:

<Parameter description="Is the Code Collaborator database used for authentication?" name="collaborator-authentication" override="false" value="false"/>

4. Change value from false to true. 

5. Save the file. 

6. Start Collaborator service.


1. Make sure that the folder locahost has just one ROOT.xml and any other backup files end by .bak extension. 

2. Collaborator will not automatically create accounts when users login so the admin must create user accounts manually. 

3- You can create users using Collaborator command line utility and run a batch file to create all the users at once, refer to our user manual to find more about the command line commands. 

4- You will need to set the setting admin\General Setting\ "Global Create User - to hide. this will hide the "Create User" button from the main login screen for all users. 

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