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12 years ago

Gold Stars

Feature suggestion: Add gold stars to reviews.

Code Collaborator is great. But it's often a critiquing tool with an overall non-positive feel. Not that it's bad or negative, but it seems to lack some great, frivilous, fun, feedback feature, like giving out gold stars for good things.

One can write nice and positive comments in a review. But those must be marked as read by all reviewers in order to finish a review (at least in my experience). So that doesn't really serve the same purpose.

Some just want to see a great line of code in a review and award a Gold Star :)

It really shouldn't impede the review process in any way.

By all means, if you do add something like this, stretch your creativity and make the feature even better!

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    Hi Hobbes,

    Great suggestion. Similar to an existing post in our User Voice feature request forum so I've included your info as well. I encourage you to vote for the post here:

    User Voice - LikeABitOfCode

    Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it!