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12 years ago

External diff via 'ccollab' commandline tool?


I like to use the commandline interface wherever possible.

One thing I'd like to do is launch an entire (multi-file) diff for a given review from the commandline.

Is this possible?

Note: All I really need to do is download the .collabdiff file, through an URL such as "http://myserver/externaldiff?reviewid=150&changelistid=3898". From there, the external diff tool can take over and launch my custom diff tools.

The only problem is that if I try to retrieve that .collabdiff file via wget or a similar command-line interface, it does not know that I am logged in, so it is rejected.

So in short: is there any way to any one of:

    (1) launch the external diff via ccollab.exe

    (2) download the .collabdiff file via ccollab.exe

    (3) download the .collabdiff file via my own program (such as wget) - in this case I need some way of passing authentication information


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  • For future reference, the command is 'ccollab admin wget /externaldiff?...'

    This command shows up in the docs if you run 'ccollab help admin --show-all', which I had missed.