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9 years ago

C:\Program Files\Collaborator Server\tomcat\svn is missing when i install CodeReviewer 9.5

When trying to set up server integration with our SVN server, it complains that "C:\Program Files\Collaborator Server\tomcat\svn" doesn't exist, which it doesn't.  Why the hell isn't this part of the install?  Or at least instructions on where to get it.  Can we use any SVN client we want here?  The documentation on this is very poor and just consists of screen shots with already obvious definitions.

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    I believe that you’re on the Subversion Server Integration page, right? Do you put "C:\Program Files\Collaborator Server\tomcat\svn" to the svn Executable field? This is incorrect, as Collaborator server expects the fully qualified file name of the svn.exe executable which is basically a native command line client for Subversion. You can get it from this page on the CollabNet site.