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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] CodeReview State Transitioning

I am rather new to CodeReviewer (and reviews in general) but I have already seen value from this process.  One of the major issues I have found is that developers often comment on a line of code, or on the review, and it resets the status for all reviewers to Active, even if they have previously Approved the code! 

This IMHO is just plain wrong!  If a reviewer has approved the review, only defects or a code update should change the state back to Active for all Reviewers.  Otherwise reviewers should just be notified there was a change made to the review.

Is there anyway to change this behaviour?

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  • Larry,

    After you click 'Approve' a few radio options will appear.  You'll want to choose something other than 'Any Acctvity Occurs'.  This will prevent you from being brought back when someone else makes a comment.