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12 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Base Clearcase and reviewing folder level changes


On our project we are using base Clearcase (i.e. non UCM and non activity based) for our SCM system. We also use dynamic views as opposed to snapshot views. We also need to perform review on checked-in files (to comply with company processes).

We can readily script via the cleartool find command the detection of the element versions we want to upload to a review. We can even detect files versus folders versus VOB symbolic links using the -type parameter in the cleartool find command.

I am able to upload specific FILE versions using addversions, but attempting to use addversions to upload DIRECTORY versions fails.

Is there another command to use to upload changes for directories? I am interested in how to capture and visualise addition/deletions of files/folders as part of the diffs. 

If directory versions cannot be understood by the Clearcase integration commands, it makes the goal of a complete review difficult if not impossible to achieve.

I do apologise if this has been asked before, I did do a search but was unable to find an answer to the specific issue of how to do a "folder compare" based on the two folder versions from Clearcase.
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