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11 months ago

Code review created from Gitlab merge request is often being cancelled upon merging of the branch

We are using the Collaborator 14.2.14205 services in our company.  The services were upgraded a couple of months ago from a much earlier version of Collaborator (11.5).  Unfortunately we are not admins, and so our visibility is limited.  Our workflow relies heavily on the Gitlab integration, where we use the merge request workflow to generate Collaborator reviews.  Unfortunately, we have found that quite often upon merging the branch associated with the merge request, the corresponding code review is cancelled.  Our IT support has shared snippets of logs with us that indicate that the code review is being cancelled due to the merge request being closed.  We are not, however, explicitly closing the merge request - we are simply merging the branch.  If anyone has encountered this, and could share a solution, it would be much appreciated.  Are there service configuration settings somewhere  that would affect how Collaborator handles code reviews (created from Gitlab merge requests) upon merging of the branch.?

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