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14 years ago

Changes uploaded but files are not marked as reworked


I am using Code Collaborator v6 with Clearcase and I created my review with the "Add Versions" button from the GUI. All of the files in the change set were marked as "initial". I made some changes and kept the files checked out and uploaded the changes via the "Add Changes" button. The "Add Changes" wizard showed the entire file change set. File that modified were marked as "modified" and the unchanged files as "reverted". When I selected only the modified files and uploaded them to the review, all of the files were marked as "initial" and not "reworked".

Also the updated files were "duplicated" above the change set location and marked as "initial" with no changes indicated (i.e. line modified etc.) and then change set below were also marked as "initial".

However when I look at the diffs of the files, the updated files did get uploaded correctly to the review.


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    We know with some workflows the status message associated with the version in the changelist are wrong, mostly relating to the Initial vs. Reworked status.  And in your case in particular, uploading versions with Add Changes in conjuction with those added with Add Versions, will be problematic.  There are several reported issues related to this, and we're planning to entirely rewrite the way we reconcile the different versions so that the status message is correct for the various workflows.  If you want to be notified when this is fixed, send us to  Also, if you want us to specifically at your case, also include a dump of your review (see

  • Thanks Eric for the information...

    So as a work around, can I add changes using the Add Versions instead of the Add changes? If so, would I specify the before version as the same version as the initial upload or would I have to put the predecessor version?