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5 years ago

Can't open collaborator review link associated with a RTC work-item

Version Info
Collaborator Enterprise v10.2.10200
IBM Rational Team Concert
Version: 6.0.3
Build: I6.0.3_2017HF20170515-0247


We have installed SmartBear Collaborator RTC plug-in, and configured a Follow-up action, to create Review when a RTC work-item's state changes from "In Progress" to "Review". The review is created successfully, and there is a link available in the Work-item's "Link" section.

The issue is that this link is not properly getting generated. It has parameter "null" in it, which invalidates the link.
Below is the sample of link it creates. Notice the "null" in the link.

And when this link has been clicked an error message is displayed by Jazz.


I believe the issue is that instead of the name of the project, it is adding "null" as a parameter. I am not sure where to look at to fix this issue? Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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