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13 years ago

Author has NO defect links "mark as fixed", etc.


A team member created a review and a defect was found. He resolved it and found that on the review home page, there was not a "marked as fixed" link (or delete, etc.). However when I open the review home page (under my login), I see the "marked as fixed" and "delete" links. We tried using another browser and it did not make a difference.

I believe we are using 6.1.6102.

Any ideas?


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    There are admin options to set who is allowed to mark defects fixed - either only the creator, or the author, or anyone.  Check the Admin section of the server.
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the feedback. I assume you meant an admin setting on the server and not a setting in the review... In any case...

    Since I did not create the defect (it was created by another reviewer) and I am not the author and I was able to mark the defect fixed, I assume that the setting is set to "Everyone".

  • Hi Jay,

    This is set per role in the Admin > Roles menu. There are two settings that could affect whether you are able to edit defects, the "Can change own defects" setting and the "Can change other users' defects" setting. It's possible that since you and your colleague were assigned different roles, you and he saw different permissions to edit the defect. I'm guessing this is the case, but please respond if it is not.