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9 months ago

Timeout issue in Bitbar

Trying to execute the scripts in bitbar and added timeout capability "bitbar_testTimeout" : "5000", but if the time limit exceeds 3600 I am getting the timeout error in Bitbar. Could you please confirm is the maximum time limit is 3600 seconds? Please check the below screenshot




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  • Yes, the maximum time limit for Bitbar scripts is 3600 seconds (1 hour). This is a hard limit imposed by Bitbar to prevent scripts from running for too long and causing performance issues.

    Even though you have added the timeout capability "bitbar_testTimeout" : "5000", Bitbar will still timeout your script after 3600 seconds, even if it is still running.

    The screenshot you provided shows that your script is timing out after 3600 seconds, which is expected.

    If you need to run a script that takes longer than 3600 seconds to run, you will need to break it up into smaller scripts or use a different platform.