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4 years ago

Is Monthly billing prorated if canceled?

I have a monthly subscription that I need periodically.  2 questions:

1.  Is the billing prorated if I cancel today?

2.  If the answer is no to question #1--If I cancel today and still have mulitiple days left do I loose the mulitiple days?

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    Since day-based billing mode accounts subscription terms in units of days, on switching to it from millisecond-based billing mode, all start timestamps in Chargebee such as subscription start/activation/renewal timestamps and trial start timestamps are changed to the beginning (00:00:00.000 hrs) of the day. Further, all term end timestamps in Chargebee are changed to the end (23:59:59.999 hrs) of the previous day. Again, the time component is only indicative; any proration calculations in day-based billing mode are only done to the day.


    Changing the billing mode on your test site is allowed but for switching billing modes on the live site, please contact