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5 months ago

Bitbar Run-in-Cloud Plugin not working

I have a CICD where I need to test native app. I'm running Appium server side test, to integrate with plugin as mentioned in the document I have used Run-in-Cloud plugin syntax, but Unfortunately, I'm getting Framework requires test file with extension: apk eventhough I have uploaded apk file

Below is my runInCloud script


cloudUrl: "",

credentialsId: "bitbar-api-key",

projectId: "207321147",

deviceGroupId: "14",

appPath: "universal_qa.apk",

testPath: "",

frameworkId: 252,

biometricInstrumentation: false,


// Wait for results!



downloadScreenshots: true,

resultsPath: 'results',

testRunStateCheckMethod: 'API_CALL'



Above is my script, After jenkins run, I can see respective apk and zip files are uploaded into the bitbar (verified manually). but It is not running the test case. below is my jenkins log

17:17:38 WARNING: Unknown parameter(s) found for class type 'com.testdroid.****.PipelineCloudStep': waitForResults
17:17:38 Run test in Bitbar Cloud process started...
17:17:38 Using login details from the credentials manager, which overrides basic username/password specified in settings.
17:17:39 Uploading new application file universal_dev.apk
17:17:44 Uploading new instrumentation file
17:17:45 Waiting for uploaded files to be scanned
17:18:19 Running tests
17:18:19 Using test run configuration:
17:18:19 Bitbar Cloud URL: Version: 3.25-master-20231129-151806
17:18:19 Using credentials with ID: bitbar-api-key
17:18:19 Device Group Name: Trial Android devices ID: 14
17:18:19 OsType: ANDROID
17:18:19 Framework ID: 252
17:18:19 Locale: en_US
17:18:19 Scheduler: PARALLEL
17:18:19 Timeout: 1800
17:18:19 Problem with the Bitbar API. Please check credentials or contact Framework requires test file with extension: apk

I don't know why I'm getting above error, eventhough there is an .apk file. Any help would be great, stuck here for couple of days


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  • We are getting the same error when trying to run "Android Instrumentation and Espresso" both when trying via the API (and python script) and when trying via the UI at

    We're using APK-files we've previously used for other test-frameworks without any issues.