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2 years ago

Bitbar device capabilities

In trial mode for Bitbar, trying to run existing test from TestComplete.


My test runs ok when using physical device attached to USB et local Appium server on my laptop.


I have configured my bitbar key and I am able to Spy a device from TestComplete.

Using different set of capabilities, I want to run my existing test from TestComplete on any trial device that is available.

From where I am, it takes approximatly 2.5 minutes to start the device (bitbar) and my uploaded app (on bitbar).


Chances are If i specify a device, it is no longer available by the time the test actuallay runs.

Is there a capability to specifiy "bitbar_device: Any Android"?


my current bitbar capabilities:

Project.Variables.capabilities := '{"appPackage": "com.blah.pjc"' +
',"bitbar_apiKey" : "blah"' +
//',"bitbar_device" : "Google Pixel 6 5G -US"' +
',"bitbar_device": "Dell Venue 8 7840 -US"' +
',"bitbar_app": ""' +
',"automationName": "Appium"' +
',"deviceName": "Android Phone"' +
',"platformName": "Android"' +
',"bitbar_testrun": "' + ProjectSuite.Variables.ThisRun +'"' +
',"bitbar_project": "bitbar1-appium"' +

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