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4 years ago

Appium-java automated test execution in Bitbar

Hi, I am new to Appium & Bitbar. Trying to run my Appium test on Bitbar by using Java language. But not getting the complete flow to do that, gone through all the documentation but its not much helpful. Could you please share any video tutorial which shows complete step by step execution of test case.

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  • Hi Sheetal_Patil 


    Thanks for reaching out to you. 


    BitBar is framework agnostic hence why you might not find any relevant documentation to your query. 


    Getting to grips with Appium for someone new isn't easy but the videos on youtube, courses on edemy etc do pay off. 


    However based on the issues mentioned in your opening thread I do have a solution. 




    TestComplete is Smartbears main UI functional Test tool used to test on Desktop/Web and Mobile Apps.


    Manual testers can easily create powerful, reusable UI tests for Automation. 


    TestComplete now supports Appium, enables users to create tests without the need to script and better still, it connects to BitBars devices. 


    Check out the cloud compatible content here 







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    To run tests simultaneously on different devices, you should use ThreadLocal in order to save several drivers at one time.

    If you use only one driver instance, the test will be run on one device only because the diver will use the last created session.

    Firstly, you should create the ThreadLocal object: for more details visit