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5 years ago

Trigger an alert if site fails multiple times sporadically

Is there something I am missing in Alertsite or would this be a new feature request?  I am looking to setup an alert if for instance one of my websites fails for instance 3 times within an hour.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?  Thanks

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  • There are multiple ways to segement notifications on errors. The easiest is by adjusting the Recipients themselves. By default, a contact is notified when the first error is triggered and notification stops after just one notification.



    If you change the first option to "3", for example, the contact will not get a notification until at least 3 consecutive errors are triggered. Changing the 2nd option will allow multiple notifications to be triggered to underline the severity of the outage. If you change that option to 5, for example, and get only 1 notification, you would know that the error cleared after just 3 consecutive errors. If you got 5 notifications, you know there is a more serious outage as the site has been in error for 7 staright cycles.


    You can also use different monitoring types, like 'Global Verify' which verifies an error from a remote location before a notification is triggered. Monitoring with "Round Robin" or "SLA (Multipop)" requires multiple locations to be in error before a notification is triggered.


    Hope that helps

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      Thanks for the information, I understand we can setup an alert for consecutive alerts but I am looking to alert when the problem is not consecutive. If a site is having sporadic issues I would like to receive notifications for this scenario as well.  If enough people agree this is a useful option it would be great if it made it into an update of the product.