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7 years ago

Preemptive Authentication and SoapUI Tests versus Single URL Monitors

   API tests can be configured as a Single URL API monitor within the AlertSite console, or by using a SoapUI compressed Project file exported from SoapUI or Ready API and uploading it to the AlertSite console for testing. The two perform similar functions, but respond and act differently in some respects. One difference is how Preemptive Authentication is handled.


   By default, the Site Monitors will not use Preemptive Authentication. This means that the browser is not authenticated with the initial request, but rather gets an 'unauthorized' response for the server, which triggers the authentication request to be sent after. If the server does not respond with a 400 error, the authentication is not sent after and the test will error.


   It is possible, however, to set a TestCase to use Preemptive Authentication in SoapUI projects. 



If the test is pre-configured as a Single URL Monitor, you can convert it to a SoapUI monitor and make this change in either SoapUI or Ready API. Download the project locally from the AlertSite console, and import it into Ready API. Make the change, and export the project as a Packed (zip) project. Use the zip file to update the current monitor at AlertSite.

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