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9 years ago

Major AlertSite UXM Update



I wanted to let you know that we introduced some significant updates to AlertSite UXM last week.  Included in this update are changes to the core interface, the new monitor workflow, alerting enhancements, and much more.


We’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 9th to walk through the changes in more details.  Please click this link to register:



Key Interface Updates


  • The core user interface and menu structure has been modified quite a bit.  We’ve removed the left navigation panel and simplified the header, resulting in more available screen real estate.   


  • Everything ‘missing’ from the left navigation panel can be found in either the User or Settings dropdown control (the two icons on far right of the menu bar).


  • You’ll also notice the blue “+” button – this control launches a new slide out panel that serves as a starting point for creating new monitors, groups, and views.


There’s a lot more to this update, so I’ve included the release notes below to give you more information about the changes.


We hope you find the new functionality valuable.  If you have any questions or feedback about the release, please don’t hesitate to pass it along to your Customer Success Advisor or reach out to me directly.




Release Notes

UXM User Interface Upgrade

  • New streamlined design increases usable screen real estate.
  • All navigation resides in a redesigned top navigation panel.
  • The left navigation panel has been removed from the interface.
  • All support, account administration, and user profile controls are grouped together in top navigation panel.

Alerting Enhancements

Alert Routing by Error Type

  • Route alerts to specific recipient groups based on the type of error.
  • Allows users to target certain types of problems to specialized support teams.

Step Level Performance Alerts

  • Users can now set performance alert thresholds for specific steps in addition to existing monitor-level performance alert functionality.
  • Allows users to get more insight into user experience impact and possible root cause of performance slowdowns.

New Alert Template Design

  • Alert template designs have been updated with a new design that focuses on the alert payload.

Improved New Monitor Creation Flow

  • New user friendly monitor creation and configuration interface.
  • All available web, API, Mobile, and infrastructure monitoring capabilities are surfaced in a user-centric workflow.

Perfecto Mobile Monitoring in AlertSite UXM

  • Perfecto Mobile monitors are now surfaced in AlertSite UXM.
  • Users may now view results, create, and configure Perfecto Mobile monitors.

Various bug fixes and performance enhancements




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