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7 years ago

Important Firefox DejaClick Announcement

Dear AlertSite Customer


Mozilla is making significant changes to Firefox’s extension architecture with version 57.  This version is slated for a November 14th release.  The AlertSite DejaClick plugin will not work on Firefox version 57 and above.


To continue using DejaClick on your computer it will be necessary to have a version of Firefox running v56 or lower.  Depending on your normal use of Firefox, there are several ways to accommodate this change.


1.  Turn off Automatic Updates on your current Firefox browser to keep it at v56.  This can be done from the Firefox Preferences panel.  

In v56, Firefox Updates is in the General tab.  In previous versions, Firefox Update configuration appears in the Advanced tab.


2.  Download and install an earlier of version of Firefox and install alongside your auto-updating version of Firefox.  If this is your preferred approach, we recommend installing Firefox v52.  This version will be installed to our monitoring network in Q4 2017 allowing you to record your web transactions with the same Firefox version used for monitor playback. 

 Here are some key links:





  • You must disable auto-update immediately once v52 is installed as shown above.  Auto updates can happen very quickly.   To prevent immediate updates from occurring, we recommend disconnecting your computer from the internet prior to launching version 52 for the first time.  In v52, Firefox Updates is in the Advanced tab in Preferences.  
  • It is best to close any open instances of Firefox before installing v52.
  • V52 should also be installed to a different location to the existing version.


A third option is to use DejaClick for Chrome.  The Chrome version of DejaClick works with current versions of the Chrome browser.  More information can be found here:


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via comments or reach out to me or your customer success manager.





Denis Goodwin

AlertSite Product Owner


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      New Contributor

      Is it in your road map to update DejaClick so it IS compatible with the latest version of Firefox going forward? Given that we are required to keep our browsers up to date for security concerns, keeping an old version of Firefox around just for DejaClick really isn't an option. Or should we just get used to using Chrome for everything?