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7 years ago

Important AlertSite Monitoring Network Upgrade Notice

Dear AlertSite Customer,


I’m excited to tell you about updates we’ll be making to our monitoring network in the next few months. We will be updating the browser versions for all three DejaClick playback options.


  • First up will be Firefox, which will be upgraded from v38 to v52. This update will roll out to our public monitoring network in January of 2018. We will also be updating Firefox to v52 for PrivateNode Server v2.1 and greater* and this update will likely arrive in late January.

  • Our Internet Explorer locations will moving from IE9 to IE11. This update should be complete in February 2018. There is also a likelihood that some location changes my accompany this version upgrade. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Last, but not least, Chrome will be upgrading from v47 to (most likely) v64 (depending on the timing of our final QA, the exact version might swing to v63 or v65). We are targeting February 2018 for this upgrade and will communicate more specific timeframes as soon as possible. As with Firefox, this upgraded Chrome version will also be included in a PrivateNode update for PrivateNode Server v2.1 and greater* in the same general timeframe as the public location rollout.

We will keep you in the loop as these rollouts progress. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via comments or reach out to me or your customer success manager.


    * if your PrivateNode Servers (or InSites) are on a version prior to 2.1, please contact your CSM to learn about upgrade options



Thanks and Happy New Year!

Denis Goodwin
Director Product Management, AlertSite

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