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8 years ago

How do I exclude every call in DejaClick that is NOT from my domain?

This is a common problem for those who wish to monitor their own websites, and do not care of calls on the page to Google or other third party vendors fail. These calls can cause unwanted errors and notifications which do not relate to the functionality of your site. The URL Exclusions property in DejaClick allows you to exclude these calls from the test, so that they do not impact the content you really intend to monitor.


Regular Expressions are allowed as well in URL Exclusions, allowing you to write detailed filters for your tests. The example below, for example, eliminates all calls on the page that do not have 'MYDOMAIN.COM' somewhere in the URL string:




If you want to capture content from multiple domains only, you can use an expression like the one below. This exclusion will eliminate every call that does not have either 'MYDOMAIN.COM' or "ANOTHERSITE.NET" somewhere in the URL string.




Some sites, like "Google", have long URL strings that will include the URL somewhere in the lengthy string. You can simply add these strings as a 'Plain Text' exclusion to prevent them from impacting the test. For example a plain text exclusion for 'google' will exclude every call to Google sites including '', '', '', etc.


After adding the URL Exclusions in the script, run a Test on Demand from the Toolbar and drill into the Fullpage details for each step. If there are any third party calls getting through, they probably have the main domain somewhere in the URL string. Add those domains as plain-text exclusions and they will be eliminated too.

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