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10 years ago

How can I add a monitor for a service that uses OAUTH tokens?

I have a working testscript in SOAPUI that calls the auth service, passes the bearer token through to the REST Get method. Is it possible to use this as a monitor?

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        Thanks for the update, glad you figured it out. If you are able to post the solution you used it may be helpful for others as well.


         As a reference; If you can't pass the token parameter as part of the project itself you may be able to do so with a Groovey script. SoapUI projects that are created with dependancies will not work with AlertSite.


         Also note that only project specific settings get transferred to AlertSite when the project is uploaded. SoapUI projects that rely on settings defined at the SoapUI application level will not transfer those settings with the project file to AlertSite. That is; if you define properties for the SoapUI application itself, those won;t transfer to AlertSite with the project file. Only settings defined that are specific to the individual project are transferred with the project file.