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5 years ago

Security Tests Auth Token

Hello community!

First of all I apologize thats probably a very dumb question but I am a noob to ReadyAPI.


I imported my YAML files and was able to build all my testcases in SoapUI Pro. Awesome tool, very intuitive, and the community support is great! Even was able to develope several groovy scripts.

So far so good, I want to start my Security Tests!


If I right click every Testcase and click "Create Security Test" and then hit run on the Security Tests it works just fine!

But if I right click SoapUI Pro and hit Launch Security TestRunner, I get an error - well now I get an error it worked just once :)

19:24:04,478 ERROR [errorlog] java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to
refresh expired access token.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to refresh expired access token.

Updating the Token via Auth Manager works just for my Testcases but does not update my TestRunner Auth Token.

I do something wrong but could not figure out what it is, so any help beside "RTFM" ;) is highly welcome. Btw even RTFM is welcome if you tell me where to read *ggg*