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7 years ago

Default Behavior for Monitors NOT in a Recipient Group

    Recipient Groups (or Notifier Groups in AlertSite 1.0) allow you to define who will be notified when an alert for a specific device is triggered. The default behavior for any monitor that is not assigned to a group, is to notify all contacts on the recipient list according to the rules defined for each.


    It does not matter if a specific contact is in a group or not, the behavior is dictated based on the monitor disposition, not the recipients. Once a monitor is assigned to at least one recipient group, it will only notify recipients assigned to that group. Monitors can be associated with as many groups as you like, as can recipients. In the AlertSite 1.0 console, you can tell which monitors are assigned to a notifier group under the Configuration tab. Any monitor that has the icon with the computer folders next to it is assigned to at least one group.



    In the UXM console, you can associate a notifier group to a new monitor when you first create it. In this way, you do not risk a new monitor going into error right away and notifying everyone in the company. 


     Under the Account preferences, in either platform, you can also disable notification for any new monitor you create by default. In this way, you avoid the risk of a new monitor triggering an error and alerting everyone before can be added to the appropriate groups.


   Another popular way to mitigate this issue is to create one 'Dummy' group and assign all monitors to it, new and old. In this way, you can be sure that the incorrect people are not notified if an error is triggered. You can assign an invalid notification contact to the Dummy group as well, or a contact who should be notified for all errors if one exists.

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