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5 years ago

Are Local Retry attempts counted in SLA, Availability and Usage Reports?

When 'Local Retry' is enabled for a monitor, a 2nd attempt is made from the same location if the initial test for that interval fails. The retry does not count against Usage, Availability or SLA reporting.



In detail reports, when a retry it trigggered for a test interval, and the retry passes, the interval is marked in 'Warning' with a yellow bar. The total count, however, still relates to how many test intervals there are in the time frame, not the total number of actual tests triggered.


In the example below, there are 20 intervals, 4 of which are in Warning status, 1 in Error. The Detail and SLA Reports calculate against the total number of intervals (20), not the total number of actual test runs (24 including the retries). 



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