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8 years ago

AlertSite Platform Migration Completion Notice




I'm writing to let you know that the AlertSite platform migration was completed at approximately 5:30pm EDT today (Tuesday)!

Several points of interest for users:

1.  The IP ranges of the AlertSite consoles, and, have changed.  If you have any issues connecting to these URLs from inside your corporate firewalls, please open a ticket using the link below.

2.  If you have any issues with existing AlertSite sessions, please log out and restart your browser.

3.  Please note that the IP addresses for REST API and InSite users are unchanged and will be migrated at a later date.

As mentioned previously, the AlertSite UXM console features a variety of updates and here is a summary of some of the major changes:


  • Night Mode!
    • We are introducing a dark theme for the UXM console. A simple toggle control on the dashboard toolbar allows you to switch between our dark and light themes.
  • Dashboard diagnostic mode:
    • Drill directly into scatter plot and run screen from any time interval displayed on dashboard.
    • Access waterfalls, screen captures, and other details without leaving the dashboard.
    • This functionality can be accessed by clicking any dashboard sparkline or via a new control on the dashboard toolbar.
  • Run Screen Enhancements:
    • Modal waterfall move to step level in run screen
    • User configurable number of runs on run list
    • Run Screen Location Filter. Users can now filter the run screen by location.
    • Run Screen Error Filtering. Users can now filter the run screen to show all failing runs. Previously, filtering was limited to a single error type.
  • Dashboard Enhancements:
    • A new dashboard timeframe - 12 hours - is now available.
    • Ability to set the number of dashboard items at 25, 50 or 100 items. (the current dashboard only shows 25)
    • The Dashboard View configuration panel has been updated to include monitor and group selection so that all Dashboard View controls are available in a single panel.
  • New monitor creation workflow:
    • Process has been streamlined
  • Waterfall enhancement:
    • Users can now copy URLs directly from the UXM waterfall to their clipboard.
  • Alerting Enhancements:
    • Alert recipient groups can now be configured at the step level, so you can target different recipients and templates based on which step fails.
    • The alert recipient group screen has been redesigned.
  • For SoapUI-based monitors:
    • We’ve updated the AlertSite status codes to match the specific codes found in SoapUI and Ready! API. The new status codes can be viewed here:
    • Report capture on error will be turned on by default for new monitors. This will ensure that you have all available information at hand to diagnose errors.


Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, concerns or need help with issues, please get in touch with Trevor Moyer ( or with Denis Goodwin (

Also, if you wish to create a case with Customer Care please visit

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