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14 years ago

why the dll can't be profile?

        Our project is a online game client with some DLLs. We found the AQTime can’t hit any routines in these DLLs when we use performance profiler.

         DLL had be complied  according to the document. And the DLL can be added in Modules list with debug information. But we can’t get any result, when we use any profiler on these DLLs.

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  • Hi Stone,

    It's possible that the profiled application crashes on close and therefore AQtime cannot retrieve profiling results. Try getting the results explicitly using the Get Results toolbar button. If this helps, it means that the profiled application crashes indeed. If so,  please try using our online support resource - the AQtime Troubleshooter:

    Follow the suggested steps to get your problem resolved or to collect more information

    and get personalized assistance.