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14 years ago

VB6 Crashes in AQTime Run

I'm setting up Allocation Profiler on a VB6 Application.

The VB6 App compiles and runs, but I get an Error 7: Out of memory

I can run it fine with full compile and runs fine until this error occurs.

I want to test for this out of memory error with the Allocation Profiler.

But I get an in AQTime Run:

            First chance exception 0xC000008F FLOAT_INEXACT_RESULT occurred at 0x75EEB760

And VB6 Project crashes in AQTime Environement and I'm not able to complete profiling...

It continues to run in VB6 IDE?

Can anyone help?

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    Hi Jon,

    > It continues to run in VB6 IDE?

    Do I understand it correctly that you are trying to profile from within VB IDE? Have you tried to compile standalone executable and profile it as a regular Windows application?

    Also I would recommend to go through AQtime Troubleshooter ( as most likely you will be asked to do this by Support.
  • Hi Jon,

    As I see from the screenshot you provided, you managed to generate an Event View for the issue, however, the stack depth is not enough. Please go through the Troubleshooter as suggested by Alexei - you'll find instructions on how to generate a detailed event view on one of the final steps.