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12 years ago

Time-results are not at the same line as the source-code lines

I am using AQTime 7.5.1289.64 on a Win2003 R2 SP1 with VS2008 C++ on native Code. I used the "Performance Profiler" to measure the timeing of a DLL. After snaptshoting the results i double clicked a a result a source file with additional time-information on the left side opens.

The hit count and %-times are not at the same line as the source code.

Any help is appreciated.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Andre,


    As far as I know, you've contacted the AQtime Support team and they confirmed this is a problem in this product version. It looks like updating to AQtime 8 solves the issue. Is this possible for you?